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homme soumis marié mais assez libre, la soixantaine

A slave is sleeping after  his work.

Dirty and chained  the animal sleeps on the ground and must eat  from a .bowl.

He is considered  less than  an animal 

today's theme: men ridin' "the wooden horse"


the edge needs to be relatively sharp (not beveled or rounded)

weights can be added to the legs/feet (such as adding five pounds to each upper leg every five minutes)

tit-torture and electrical torture can elevate/enhance/increase the pain experience

both the front torso and his back can be solidly and repeatedly flogged/whipped as/while he "rides"

the hands can be secured above the head with just enough leeway/play so that he can pull/lift/raise himself upward (like doing pull-ups) to relieve the pain/pressure on his crotch and legs, but when his arms give out then his body will fall back down in contact with the wood

repeated up and down movement this way will be reminiscent of "dancing on the cross" during crucifixion

the balls can be extended (with a stretching device, earlier, if necessary) and tied into position, one on each side of the sinister wooden edge, beneath his upper legs, so that when his arms give out from the pain of holding his body above the horse and he collapses downward, his balls will be crushed by his legs (to which, hopefully, significant weights have been added) coming back into contact with the wood

suggested minimal duration of the ordeal: at least one full hour (and he can also "ride" several days in a row, for a longer amount of time each day)

god i'd love to try this... must feel amazingly painful on the perineum. probably ultra painful after some time. pure terror. and then with these added weights...

o m g

Ridiculously hot - hope he was in this for HOURS >:-)

You're not going anywhere, slave. When you accepted my collar, you abandoned all pretense that you had the right to self-determination. Now, and for the rest of your life, slave, I will determine what is best for you and you will obey without hesitation or question. 

 Slave' ankles chained to avoid the possible escape of the slave or simply to make more painful the slave walking 

both! slave's lives are supposed to be of hardship and discomfort... love this image, so powerful... perfect representation of slavery... wish that would be me.. permanently shackled over my bare slave feet

Solitary confinement at Edge Jail and Dungeon